Company History

Capital Demolition was incorporated in 2008 by Jim Zeleny and John Manerchia. Jim took care of the estimating & office administration while John managed all projects out in the field. Initially there was a crew of five foremen, one truck & a trailer. Capital’s first project was the Harford County Sheriff’s Department Building Renovation working for Wrecking Core & Clark Construction. The first level was stripped of all architectural finishes, M.E.P., fixtures & minor modifications were made to the structure. It was a short term project lasting about a month. Capital Demolition was able to move from that project to a mechanical upgrade located at CMS Woodlawn for Whiting-Turner, where the cooling system was being removed within the main plant. The crew doubled & kept busy for months. The focus became mechanical upgrade & structural modification projects while pursuing more federal work. In the early years, Capital Demolition began working on various bases & federal buildings becoming familiar with the different working restrictions that came with each location. Half of Capital’s workforce was structured for U.S. Citizen & Requirement Projects. As the business grew, more employee’s were able to be hired which meant larger projects, more equipment & less storage which eventually led Capital Demolition to move the office from Crofton to the Baltimore/Curtis bay area in 2014. Currently, Capital employs 80-90 workers on average doing roughly 50%-60% of its work in the federal sector with the remainder spread across public, education, local state government & healthcare sectors. The company’s employee turnover rate is very low. The majority of all office personnel, superintendents, foremen & laborers have worked for Capital Demolition since the beginnings and/or previously at other demolition companies. Over these years the relationships have molded into a family or community based atmosphere and not just another place of business. At Capital we truly appreciate our workers that are dedicated to providing the best service in the most professional manor. Jim still works on estimating & running the business with John overseeing the company’s production.


Jim Zeleny, President of Capital Demolition was involved in the residential industry for 20 years. He began out in the field as a general superintendent for a residential building company then shortly after started up his own framing company. From there he opened another residential business that would finish the homes complementing the framing company. After 10 years or so; Jim wanted to switch from the residential industry to commercial. He was able to be hired as a project manager at a commercial demolition company & pursued learning the industry. Jim's past experience running his own companies & being involved in the construction of buildings led him to become the Vice President shortly after being hired. During his employment; Jim met John Manerchia. Managing & running the company over years they created a strong bond and friendship. Knowing that he wanted to eventually begin his own commercial demolition company Jim & John decided to begin their venture.

John Manerchia, Vice President of Capital Demolition started out serving in the United States Marine Corps. Once finishing his service he went on to work in the commercial construction industry and early on found his way into commercial demolition. John moved from becoming a foreman to the general superintendent managing a few hundred employees & multiple projects. He would often be a part of the estimating process as his depth of knowledge on most aspects of selective demolition lies in both project management & field operations.



Managing all invoices, billings, employee’s information including certifications & licenses, operating the phones.

Stacey McClure, Office Manager
Jonathon Bernstein, Office Administrator Assistant

Amy Bosnick, Safety Manager


With the complexity of each project there is assumed risk that comes with projects of that nature. Our estimators structure their bids being able to comprehend detailed drawings, educated in field practices & foreseeing the logistics of each project.

Joe Bridenstine, Estimator
Adam Zeleny, Estimator
Patrick Zeleny, Estimating Assistant

Project Management

There are many different types of projects that Capital Demolition performs on. Our project managers are experienced in the day to day practices within various facilities. With understanding what it takes to meet timelines and provide accurate durations our managers get involved with the planning of the project from the very start. With years experience in the industry they are essential in keeping each project on course.

Bruce Gibson, Project Manager
David Steger, Project Manager


Capital Demolition's superintendents manage the field’s workforce; communicate with project management & solve problems on the go. All of our superintendents worked their way up to the position through effective and safe demolition practices. Being involved hands on throughout the years on various projects; our superintendents have created an experienced reliable workforce that leads them ready and able to meet any projects demands.

Odilio Estrada, Superintendent
Quinte Snyder, Superintendent
Richie Bosnick, Superintendent